Then There Was One

Saturday, August 13, 2022 1:45 PM

Of the three screenplays I posted on August 1st for preliminary placement in the Creative World Awards, my screenplay The Forbidden Edge has moved into the quarterfinals. The other two unfortunately didn’t move forward but I am honored that they were recognized and this screenplay did make it through to the next step. 

Also, I finished my painting today of a white peony. I feel this new painting is in a slightly different style than most of my other watercolors. What I mean by that, usually my watercolors have very vibrant colors, which I feel gives the painting strength, but this painting’s strength comes instead from it’s pastel colors. Being an artist is sometimes a trial and error endeavor.  I first thought this subject matter (a closeup of a white peony) should be executed in pastel, but once I was done with the painting and had used an entire white pastel crayon, I wasn’t satisfied with the result. I then decided to move to watercolor. I’ve been doing oils for the last couple of years concentrating on my pointillism style and so coming back to watercolor seemed a little foreign to me. After I finished the watercolor, I realized that the vibrant colors I had been used to were too vibrant for this soft and gentle flower. So, I took my painting and put it in my bathtub and poured a tub full of water onto it. The colors started to run into the water, but I found I needed to brush the paper with my hands to remove even more. I pulled this faded painting out of the bathtub and let it dry. I didn’t know if I had made a huge mistake or whether I had accidentally done the right thing. After it dried, and after taking a break from the painting, I looked at the painting with new eyes and realized that’s exactly whata this painting needed. I then, today, made a few adjustments, applying some dark colors into the cracks and crevices of the petals and therefore this is the result.